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Dispensary Delivery

Sep 1

Medical marijuana is nothing new. It’s been used to treat various ailments and disorders for thousands of years across a multitude of cultures.

Today, cannabis is legal in 29 states in America, and In some areas, it’s even offered for recreational use. 

But even as marijuana use becomes more and more accepted, many people need a medical marijuana card to access it legally.

That’s where Mission Cannabis Club comes in. In addition to being an actual cannabis dispensary, they function as an online cannabis delivery service.

Based in San Francisco, they have a large selection of marijuana products in the city and can deliver them directly to your door.

If you haven't tried their dispensary delivery service before, you definitely should check out their menu.

Cannabis Club 2Go is their premier delivery service, servicing most San Francisco locations and surrounding areas.

Now you can get safe, legal, and discreet delivery on any quality product from our recreational and medical cannabis store in the San Francisco Area.

You can hang out at home, watch your favorite TV show, play video games, and you can even take a nap while waiting for your weed delivery.

They offer free delivery on $50 pre-tax minimum orders in the San Francisco area and $250 free delivery in the surrounding regions.

The current wait time is about 90 minutes. Their delivery driver aims to make deliveries within a 90min delivery window, between 9 am - 8 pm. 

Their last call for a same-day delivery order placement is 7 pm.

They also offer deals on delivery, so check their deals page for info and subscribe to stay up to date on their latest specials.