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Essential Items for Your Stash Bag: a Comprehensive List

Feb 14

A stash bag is a crucial product that every cannabis enthusiast demands. It's a great idea to maintain your weed devices and also paraphernalia in one place so you can conveniently access them when required. Nevertheless, what makes a cannabis stockpile bag various from any other sort of stash bag? In this post, we will certainly go over things you need to have the best stash bag.

The Bag

There is not a one-size-fits-all sort of stash bag. It truly boils down to what works best for you, your way of life, and also your cannabis usage choices. If you get a bag that fits all of the smoking accessories one could visualize, yet isn't something you wish to lug about with you, it won't be extremely helpful.

So there are some considerations to be weighed. What cannabis accessories do you intend to have with you? As well as how big of a stash bag are you willing to bring? Responding to these questions will aid you locate the best stash bag for your demands.

Many people use bags that are specifically developed to accommodate weed and also cannabis accessories. Many such bags are even smell-proof. While a smell-proof bag can be great, they are not needed. You can definitely find a smaller smell-proof container to go inside your bag to lug your odiferous goodies.

The option is your own, however keep in mind that the size and also design of bag you select can make or damage the efficiency of your stash bag. As well as it will definitely influence the number of the devices listed below you can bring with you.

Smoking Accessories

Which of these you consist of is, certainly, mainly depending on your consumption preferences. If you are the kind of marijuana consumer that likes to be planned for any celebration, then perhaps your stock bag is a rolling traveling bag as well as one of every little thing is specifically what you need.


When it involves taking weed mobile, the pipe has actually long been the criterion. Even if you are somebody who likes smoke joints or out of a bong, it is useful to have a pipe handy in case your smoking tool breaks or you need to smoke some herb pronto!

The most effective pipelines for a stash bag are metal pipelines. They are durable, yet little enough to fit in your bag without taking up much room. Many even come with a cover so you can keep a nugg in there as well as prepare to strike it at a minute's notice.

Rolling Papers

An additional smoking cigarettes option is the modest joint or marijuana cigarette as it's often called. Joints can be excellent for inconspicuously taking some herb on the move as well as unless you're coming prepared with pre-rolls, you'll need to have moving papers available if you intend to smoke doob.

Rolling documents are a very easy and low-space item to carry about in any type of kind of stash bag. They normally can be found in tiny packs so you can quickly fit a few into the bottom of your weed-carrying receptacle, and also be ready to roll effortlessly at any moment. Of all smoking devices, rolling documents likely have the most common stash bag existence, simply because they're so very easy to carry and also ... ya never ever understand.

If you are not aware of just how to roll a joint, it is well worth your time to discover this beneficial skill. You never ever understand when the possibility will occur as well as having the ability to roll one up quickly can save you from having an awkward situation in which there isn't anything available for cigarette smoking other than what's currently in your bag.


A lot of bongs often tend to be a bit huge for a stash bag, however relying on just how much weed you like to smoke, it may be worth having a wonderful item of glass for those days when the opportunity occurs and there isn't anything immediately readily available aside from what's within your knapsack.

If this is something that interest you, make sure you get a great traveling situation. Even if it's simply a padded bag that has room for your bong and some accessories, something is better than nothing.

Dab Rig

Like a bong, a bit rig is large as well as not something you would commonly lug around with you, even in a stash bag. Nonetheless, if this is your preferred method of consuming marijuana concentrates after that it may be essential to have some type of device readily available for cigarette smoking on the go.

Some dab gears are mobile as well as easy enough to put inside a stash bag. You should definitely do your study below as well as make sure the smoking cigarettes device you pick is something that can harmonize simplicity however likewise not take up way too much space within a small receptacle.

If it's important to have one readily available, then there are some bigger stash bags around developed particularly for lugging around bit rigs or bongs. If that's just how you roll, then that might be the method to go.

Extras to Help Get the Job Done

Along with smoking accessories, there are a few other key items you'll need with you in your stash bag if it is going to be a valuable item of hand luggage. Let's have a look at a couple of them:


A mill is an additional important for cannabis consumers seeking to have some herb at their disposal when they require it. Lots of people use their grinder several times a day, so it's an easy item to stock.

A small-sized natural herb mill is ideal for throwing in the bottom of your stash bag with some bud still inside and also prepared to smoke when you require it most. These are usually no larger than two inches high or wide which implies they can conveniently fit inside also smaller sized bags.

If you like to have things ground up prior to smoking cigarettes, after that having a natural herb mill in your stash bag can be exceptionally practical. Mills come either hand-operated or electric, as well as relying on which one you select to take with you will depend on just how much space is required.

Rolling Tray

A rolling tray is by no means necessary, yet it does make the doob-rolling job a little easier. Some rolling trays included an area to store your weed, making it very easy for you to collect everything you require before beginning the moving procedure.

Having a stash bag is currently wonderful as a result of its transportability and little dimension, yet if there's space in your own then having a tray can make your life much more convenient.

A Lighter (or two).

It's constantly great to have at least one lighter available in case you require it. You will certainly most likely want something that can illuminate more than simply cigarette-sized joints and hence, a great double-sided or triple-flame lantern is your best choice for getting the job done swiftly.

When it concerns less heavies, you definitely get what you pay for as far as top quality and also durability are concerned so be sure to choose one that has some long life when it comes time for usage.

A Smell-Proof Container

Whether your entire stash bag is smell-proof, you certainly require to have something in your bag to have the smell of the sticky-icky.

If you are lugging marijuana with you, you will possibly want some sort of smell-proof container. This is why we enjoy Stink Sacks. These bags can hold a couple of different kinds of bud without needing cumbersome containers. These bags are not those small plastic baggies that your mommy made use of to be to store food in the freezer. They are available in different designs, colors, as well as dimensions. The bags are additionally smell-proof which maintains the odor of weed inside when you take it out with you.

Cannabis Accessories (aka Weed Accessories) for after the Smoke Sesh.

There are some products that you may intend to keep in your bag to make life a little bit much more pleasant after eating.

Doob Tube

They look like those little plastic tubes from a children's chemistry collection, as well as they are excellent for storing a pre-roll or a partially-smoked joint. Generally just called "tubes", yet nicknamed "doob tubes", these accessories are best for saving things that you do not wish to be smelling up the whole place. They can be found in multiple sizes, and also can likewise fit papers within them if you desire to make pre-rolled joints with you on the move.


Cottonmouth, be-gone! Or ... practically. If you have not attempted chapstick as a cottonmouth suppressant, you need to take into consideration giving it a go. Some smoking fanatics have actually stated that they can utilize chapstick to maintain their lips from obtaining completely dry as well as chapped after cigarette smoking weed, which will or else occur because of the dehydration of your mouth when you eat THC.

Water Bottle

An additional cottonmouth-fighter is, of course, water. Having a bottle of water around is not just great for fighting cottonmouth, yet it can be helpful to keep you hydrated if/when smoking comes to be much more intense than anticipated.


Maintain the munchies at bay with some treats! Having a bag of nuts, granola bars or other small products could be the distinction in between combating your yearnings and giving in to them.

While the health dangers from marijuana itself are marginal, frequently snacking on unhealthy food while you are high can certainly have adverse effects on your health and wellness.

Merch From Your Favorite Smoke Shop

You never ever understand when you will require to advertise your favored smoke shop, Frost Denver Dispensary. While maintaining a tee in your stockpile back is most likely a bit much, it might not be a poor idea to maintain some stickers to provide to a person seeing from out of town or to buddies who simply don't know what's up. Or, even better, maintain your Frost Denver Dispensary loyalty card in your bag!

The Last Toke

If you're out and also about, obtain planned for the next sesh. Maintain your stash bag equipped with helpful items to make sure that you'll await the next toke!

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