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Is Medical Marijuana a Treatment for Joint Pain?

Apr 29


Being in pain in your shoulders or ankles is not easy. It is more common for older people, however, it is also a concern in younger people with other medical conditions. Medical marijuana in Kansas City is being considered as a method to relieve joint pain. However, this is still a controversial topic, and more research is needed to determine if this is appropriate for joint pain treatment. We spent much time researching this treatment option, and most of the information we found from specialists.

What causes joint pain?

Arthralgia is an illness that causes discomfort or pain in joints. Arthralgia can be very irritating or even debilitating. It could disappear over some weeks, but it could persist for a few weeks. Arthralgia can be caused by a variety of circumstances. Many conditions can cause painful joints.

What medical marijuana remedies can help ease stiff joints?

Rheumatoid, an auto-immune disorder that can cause severe joint pain, is called Rheumatoid. The body is attacking itself instead of safeguarding itself against bacteria and viruses. This can result in severe discomfort and inflammation as the immune system continues to attack the soft tissues around your joints.


Experts recommend that you embrace marijuana instead of worrying about it. It is possible to use Indica or Sativa to ease the pain. These results are swift and simple. One study published in Rheumatology in 2013 revealed that people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis have higher CB2 cannabinoid receptors compared to patients with other forms of arthritis. CB2 is one of the principal receptors that assist the body in the absorption of cannabinoids.


THC and CBD both bind to receptors within joints, activating an ensuing chain reaction that triggers the body to react. Some patients may feel discomfort relief or even inflammation. CBD oil to treat shoulder pain relaxes your joints, ensuring that you don't feel stiff after you wake up. CBD cream can be applied to treat the condition. This cream is applied to the region to decrease swelling.


Guidelines for the administration of medical marijuana treatments for joint pain.

Vaping and smoking are among the most well-known methods of using medical marijuana to relieve joint pain. Discuss with your doctor the best method for you to utilize medical marijuana.


A topical CBD salve is available that works similarly to Tinger Balm. It is designed to ease joint pain. It is available in dispensaries. You might need to look for these products if you don't live in a legally-contained area. This shouldn't be a problem as the majority of stores offer delivery online.

You can also experiment with different amounts of CBD or THC to see if they have any effect on joint discomfort. Most dispensaries will state the exact percentages of THC and CBD. You can adjust the ratios to combat joint pain.


Anyone who is suffering from constant pain in the joints should consider trying medical marijuana. It may help relax and ease stiffness.

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