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What are the best tips and tricks that can help prolong my car window tints?

Jul 22

If you live in a hot area such as San Diego, you should look into getting a San Diego window tinting service. Tinted windows help minimize glare while also protecting passengers from harmful UV rays. They also help keep the interior of the car cooler more private and protect upholstery from the damaging effects of the sun.


Window tinting can be maintained differently, but it's essential to do so right. The plasticizer can be applied to windows at least each week to stop their brittleness or from deteriorating rapidly. This will also keep any damage from occurring. For those who live clean lives with less salt air exposure - spraying hairspray around outside edges might be sufficient!


Window films don't last forever, but they can be kept in good condition with proper maintenance. We've put together a list of the best ways to keep your tinted windows in good condition for longer.


It is best to wait a few minutes before washing.

Take a couple of days to wait before cleaning your car's windows. It's more likely that washing your window tints before they've had time to fully cure could result in the water losing its grip on the tints, which can result in bubbles and other flaws.


Stay clear of cleaners that contain abrasive chemicals.

Tinted windows shouldn't be cleaned with abrasive cleaners. These products can cause damage to the material used to tint. Window tinting should not be cleaned with common household cleaners like vinegar and baking soda. Instead, use soap and water to wash these spots nicely again.


You should ensure that the tints are not wet to the touch.

Window tinting is a great option to block the sun; however, you must maintain your windows. Regularly cleaning these surfaces using soap and warm water will help prevent smudges or other dirt from sticking onto your vehicle's windowsills!

This measure of protection will work best if you make an appointment with your reliable San Diego tinting technician every month. They will be able to assess any possible issues and provide suggestions to avoid them becoming major issues down the time. If you have any questions, ask them because knowing how much care needs goes into maintaining certain types of auto glass guarantees its safety all year round. When your window tints are washed and cleaned, you must dry them completely. The tints may peel off the glass if any leftover water is left on the surface.


Clean using Soft Cloths

If you are cleaning or scratching your window tints, use soft microfiber cloths to keep them from scratching. The tint can be scratched by rubbing the cloth along the edges using either a towel or a rougher cloth. You can also avoid scratching your window tinting with soft towels.


Keep an eye out for any flaws in the window tint.

Check them often if you spot bubbles, creases, or any other fault forming within your window film. Utilizing a credit card or a squeegee, take them out and smooth the surface of the damaged area.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to tinting, you'll need the San Diego window tinting expert's experience. It is essential to preserve your car's appearance by applying an anti-reflective treatment. This will allow you to maintain its value and appeal for many years.


If you take care of your car's windows and adhere to our guidelines, the tint will last the entire life of the car. Before you apply tints to your windows, make sure you are cautious to be aware of the tinting guidelines of your state.

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