Individuals smoke about 30 million kilos of hashish every year, analysts estimate. All that dank ain’t gonna develop itself.

North America’s weed gardeners, huge and small, have begun their annual run on marijuana seed shops. From California to Maine, ganja growers are racing to fill up for the spring thaw and planting season.

“We’re getting slammed,” mentioned Nathaniel Pennington, founding father of seed chief Humboldt Seed Company in California. They provide 57 strains of their 2021 catalog, obtainable in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Maine. “We’ve by no means had this degree of demand.”

California breeder and Equilibrium Genetics founder Jason Matthys works seven days per week proper now. He drops seed packs at dispensaries from mountainous McKinleyville, CA, to postcard-perfect Pacific Seaside, San Diego. “It’s actually beginning to choose up,” he mentioned.

“Seeds are promoting rather well,” mentioned Brian Smith, stock supervisor at Satori Wellness, Humboldt County, CA’s main genetics retailer. “It’s the height of the [seed] season just about from January 1 by way of April. Come on down, as a result of, sure, they’re shifting.”

Why now?

“‘Corona yr two’ is an excellent yr to develop,” mentioned Matthys. “Extra persons are trying out their yard house, or establishing a bit tent of their room to strive one thing. They’re working from dwelling, and remotely. It’s straightforward to examine in in your tent while you don’t have to take a seat in visitors.”

Under, Leafly assembles its definitive, annual information to the most popular pot popping off in America’s gardens. We point out 60+ strains, organized into six broad collections beneath.

Time to get rising, America.

Simple-peasy autos and fems

Rising can sound intimidating. So-called “autos” and “fem” seeds take the stress out of the educational curve. These two seed sorts are on monitor to upend common seeds’ primacy.

Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds make your hashish plant work like a clock. Put an auto in a 3-gallon pot, add water and solar, and in two and half months you’ll have completed bud, irrespective of the time of yr.

Humboldt Seed Firm’s boss says go for his or her Sour Apple auto this yr.

“The Bitter Apple is, I’d say, our most stunning autoflower that can actually do nicely in any circumstance,” mentioned Pennington.

Sour Apple in the fields. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)
Bitter Apple within the fields. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Firm)

Purple Metropolis Genetics touts its Saltwater OG Auto, which hits 26% THC.

“That’s terribly excessive for an auto. The buds don’t look as fairly as [regular seeds] but. However we’re getting there,” mentioned Rosen.

See additionally: Ethos Genetics’ Lilac AutoDiesel; Barney’s Farm Runtz auto, and Do-Si-Dos auto; and I Love Rising Marijuana’s Auto 2.0 mixpack

ETHOS Genetics' Lilac AutoDiesel runs auto-magically. (Courtesy ETHOS Genetics)
Ethos Genetics’ Lilac AutoDiesel runs auto-magically. (Courtesy Ethos Genetics)

Fems in season

“Fems” are brief for “feminized seeds.”

When you’re rising weed to smoke, it’s a females-only celebration, and dudes spoil it. Solely females produce buds. Statistically, 5 males will lurk in your commonplace 10-pack of standard seeds. That provides new growers anxiousness, mentioned Matthys.

“It’s plenty of newer growers which might be afraid of males they usually wish to get one thing that gained’t have male seeds,” he mentioned. “Individuals don’t just like the expertise of getting to throw away vegetation that they don’t need.”

For 2021 fems, attempt to beat Humboldt Seed Firm’s Jelly Rancher. This cross of Very Cherry to Infamous THC and Jelly Rancher Bx3 sparkles with resin and smells like blue cotton sweet, strawberries, and grapes. Jelly Rancher grows to a medium dimension and ripens shortly.

A stem of Jelly Rancher flower. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)
Make ’em jelly: Jelly Rancher fem seeds are candy, berry, grape hybrid-sativa enjoyable for ’21. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Firm)

They’re going to do nice anywhere in California this yr, mentioned Pennington.

Unique breeders Compound Genetics provide feminized seeds as nicely. Snap up Gummiez, Blueberry Octane, and Pink Certz fems from Compound at shops like Buds and Roses within the San Fernando Valley.

See additionally: Homegrown Hashish Co’s Strawberry Cough feminized, or Automagic Mix Pack; and i49 Genetics’ Auto Zkittlez Fem

Pleasant Tangie strains

If Autos and Fems are straightforward to develop, Tangie household strains are straightforward for newcomers to smoke. They’ve bubbly, pleasant results that may go all day.

Present in effective Oregon dispensaries, Large Seeds sells Yuzu Tangie, which is Tangie crossed to Lemon Pineapple, combined to Orangeade. Breeders record lineage like a math equation: ((Tangie x Lemon Pineapple) x Orangeade).

Humboldt Seed Firm enters yr two of promoting Squirt, which crosses an elite Blueberry Muffin to a superior Tangie.

“If you wish to have time, smoke Blueberry Muffin, and smoke Squirt.”

Nat Pennington, Humboldt Seed Firm founder

“If you wish to have time, smoke Blueberry Muffin, and smoke Squirt,” mentioned Pennington. “I just about solely smoke Blueberry Muffin and Squirt once I’m going to be working with a bunch of individuals. It makes it enjoyable.”

A pure Tangie resurgence continues as nicely, mentioned unique breeder Crockett, founding father of Crockett Family Farms. The California workforce sells by way of DNA Genetics and past. Plant a subject of Crockett’s new:

  • Strawberry Fields (Strawberry Banana X Tangie)
  • Bitter Juice (Juice X Bitter Chem),
  • Tangieland (Candyland X Tangie)
  • or BT7 (Banana Tangie #7 X OG#18)

Cookies and Truffles, MAC and nuts

It’s a Cookies and Truffles world. You simply stay in it.

Which means scooping up main California nursery Darkish Coronary heart’s fast-selling clones of Gelato (Ice Cream) Cake, Sweeties, or White Runtz.

“The Cookies and Truffles are very a lot in demand this yr, for good motive,” mentioned Darkish Coronary heart Nursery advertising and marketing affiliate Jeffrey Oropeza.

Denver-based Ethos Genetics additionally gorges on cookie crosses with its Finish Sport line, now in three varieties.

ETHOS Genetics' End Game cross {unch Line. (Courtesy ETHOS Genetics)
Thanos is a daddy: Ethos punches up Cookies with their “Finish Sport” crosses. (Courtesy Ethos Genetics)

Additionally, attempt to get in on Purple Metropolis Genetics’ new, clone-only Gush Mints.

Gush Mints electrifies and colorizes the minty pressure craze. It takes Kush Mints and crosses it with the fabled F1 Durban and Gushers. The result’s, “creamy fuel and kushy sweet terps,” mentioned Rosen.

Six forms of Gush Mints crosses are coming in seed type in ‘21.

“Purple Metropolis Genetics is the very entrance tip of the spear. Consider the most recent iPhone or Tesla. That’s us,” Rosen mentioned.

Additionally within the unique Cookies world, don’t miss Archive Seeds of Portland’s:

  • Animal Biscuits (Animal Cookies x Dosidos)
  • Cake Face (Animal Face x Faceoff OG)
  • Doughlato (Dolato #41 x Moonbow #75)
  • and Melon Fizz (Melonade x Moonbow #75)

And on this planet of MAC crosses, breeder Capulator ought to have seeds for adult-use shops this yr. Till then, Ethos touts their new MAC and Jack.

“It’s a really complimentary cross that checks all of the containers for nearly each grower!” mentioned Ethos.

ETHOS Genetics' MAC and Jack amps up the sweet sativa jack terps. (Courtesy ETHOS Genetics)
Ethos Genetics’ MAC and Jack amps up the candy sativa jack terps. (Courtesy Ethos Genetics)

See additionally: Speaking Timber’ Layer Cake; Premium Seed Market Scooby Snacks #1; Wave Rider Nursery’s Apple Fritter, LA Kush Cake, Peach Flambe, and Dosilato.

Going a bit nuts

Fast observe: a bona fide nutty pressure craze is a-brewin’ in hashish.

Demand for Peanut Butter Breath has gone loopy, in keeping with main clone and seed supplier Wave Rider Nursery in Salinas, CA.

Over at Humboldt Seed Firm, their new Pistachio (Fortune Cookies x PistachioBx2 x P-61) “Smells identical to burnt nuts to us; a roasted cracked-open pistachio,” mentioned Pennington. “Individuals will agree that it has a nutty taste it doesn’t matter what.”

Pistachio comes from intense hybridization, and luck. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)
Pistachio comes from intense hybridization, and luck. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Firm)

OGs for the OGs

The biting OG Kush pressure household lives within the shadow of Cookies, but it surely’ll by no means fade.

Preserve your fuel station topped up this yr by rising some Knight’s Templar OG from Dark Heart Nursery. Darkish Coronary heart calls their latest OG their heaviest but.

“Individuals love the fuel profile and the supreme rest that OGs carry,” mentioned Oropeza.

Mission accomplished: Knight's Templar OG from Dark Heart Nursery. (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery)
Mission achieved: Knight’s Templar OG from Darkish Coronary heart Nursery. (Courtesy Darkish Coronary heart Nursery)

OG Kush cousin Triangle Kush by no means goes out of fashion. Simply have a look at Wave Rider Nursery’s Black Triangle (Triangle Kush x 88G13) through Bodhi Seeds.

And even higher—combine nuts and fuel with PB Triangles from Equilibrium Genetics. That’s PB Breath to Triangle Kush.

Want extra new OGs? Go together with legit, unique gangsta’ Bodhi Seeds’ Historical OG:

“A heavy responsibility, true OG-dominant hybrid that takes issues to the following degree,” acknowledged Bodhi. “Deep, earthy, forest OG aromas, with creamy, citrus kush undertones, like Goji OG with out the berry and added lemon pledge.”

—Bodhi Seeds

Hashmakers will need Dying Breed Seeds, who crosses the whole lot to their OG Eddy Lep, together with:

  • Lemon Zest (Lemonade x OG Eddy);
  • Ice Cream Bean (Blue Sherbert x OG Eddy).
This Colin OG cross from ETHOS is outta control. (Courtesy ETHOS Genetics)
This Colin OG RBX smells like a basic Bitter OG kissed with cherry and grape. (Courtesy Ethos Genetics)

Purples, Zkittlez, and Runtz

Sure closely stoned people solely smoke purple weed: GDPs, Purple Punch crosses, Zkittlez, and Runtz. This part’s for them.

Darkish Coronary heart Nursery claims to carry again the legendary Ken’s Granddaddy Purple from 2003 on the market this yr.

“Anybody who remembers the old-fashioned, deep, and musky style of purples ought to do that pressure,” mentioned Oropeza.

Problem accepted.

Dark Heart Nursery offers a 2003 Ken's Granddaddy Purple this year. (Courtesy Dar Heart Nursery)
Darkish Coronary heart Nursery gives a 2003 Ken’s Granddaddy Purple this yr. (Courtesy Dar Coronary heart Nursery)

We’re large followers of Do-Si-Dos to Purple Punch, known as Slurricane—so we’re rising In-Home Genetics’ Slurricane ix (Slurricane #44 x Slurricane #7) in our backyard.

Wanna get crunk? Hunt down Purple Metropolis Genetics’ clone-only Slurty3 ((Slurricane Cowboys reduce) x Gelato 33). Crosses of it go into seed manufacturing later within the yr.

Slurty3 smells like “grape, fuel, and cream terps which have ‘new-new’ written throughout it,” mentioned Rosen.

Warning, although. “That is heavy, dude. Not for the unsuspecting smoker,”  he mentioned.


Leafly’s outdoor cannabis grower’s calendar

Zkittlez and Runtz run amok

New Zkittlez crosses rain down upon us mortals. We’ve settled on rising Exotic Genetix’s Cookies cross Gazzungas (Zkittlez x Rainbow Chip). Up in Portland, OR, Archive Seeds hits gold with Rainbow Beltz 2.0 (Zkittlez x Moonbow).

Equally, Runtz crosses are in all places, however solely Equilibrium Genetics crossed Runtz to their mildew and mildew-resistant African Orange to create Orange Runtz. Nice concept.

One other blingy Compound taste: Rose Gold Runtz, a cross of Apples and Bananas to White Runtz.

Keep an eye out for Compound Genetics' ultra-potent, tasty Apples and Bananas, sold via Cookies. (David Downs/Leafly)
Compound Genetics’ ultra-potent, tasty Apples and Bananas in your individual yard. (David Downs/Leafly)

“These guys who made this specific pressure needs to be the gods of weed.”

—Leafly reviewer ‘a……..r”

One Leafly reviewer of Apples and Bananas mentioned: “These guys who made this specific pressure needs to be the gods of weed.”

Lastly, Compound Genetics recommends its newest collaboration with Colorado seed gods Cannarado. Search for Gastro Pop—that’s Apples and Bananas to Grape Gasoline.

See additionally: Savage Genetics’ Cheetoz (Cheetah Piss x Runtz); I Love Rising Marijuana’s Purple mixpack; Wave Rider’s cross of Marriage ceremony Cake Zkittlez x Modified Grapes.

Landraces, sativas, and throwbacks

The critics at all times inform me, ‘Play these old style jams, David. The place’s my landraces at? These sativas? The place are my throwbacks?’

Message obtained.

Equilibrium Genetics can’t be denied within the throwback, landrace, and sativa recreation. Have a look at their practically sold-out Maui Pineapple, in addition to their new Saturn Citrus and Pineapple Sonja.

Outdated-school Maui has billions of {dollars} of goodwill baked into the model identify, mentioned Matthys.

“It’s loopy. Everybody desires that one. It’s such a beautiful pressure to develop—very sativa with a candy little bit of cherry musk and funk, like a gassy funk,” he mentioned.

Pineapple Sonja will reset the bar for thick pineapple taste in California. It’s Pineapple Thai to a different pineapple-smelling sativa from Maine, known as Pink Sonja.

Then strap in for a psychedelic rocket launch—Saturn Citrus is Tremendous Lemon Haze crossed to Equilibrium’s African Orange.

Want extra altitude? Wave Rider Nursery gives a novel Swazi Pink Burmese that’ll get the center racing.

And for a spotless thoughts, this yr Bodhi Seeds has:

  • Soar (Columbian Pink x OMG)
  • and Everlasting Sunshine (Hawaiian Sativa x OMG)

Old skool indica followers, we bought you. Hash Plant lovers wish to be sedated with Bodhi Seeds’:

Grandmas Hashplant (Irene x 88G13/HP)

  • and Lemon Hashplant (Lemon G x 88G13/HP)

Romulan touchdown

Romulan on the vine. (Courtesy Romulan Genetics)
Make it so: Romulan on the department. (Courtesy Romulan Genetics)

And talking of sedation: set your phasers on stun—old style Romulan has landed.

“Our Romulan seeds are promoting very, very nicely,” mentioned Megan L., Romulan Genetics gross sales supervisor. “Nostalgia has been a pop-culture phenomenon currently, so something that brings individuals again to their youth or highschool years is an enormous hit with the Child Boomer technology.”

This basic, high-THC indica can handle anxiousness and PTSD, sufferers report.

“[The strain] leaves you feeling fully saturated however one way or the other nonetheless in command of your ideas and actions,” mentioned Megan.

Mmm, saturation.

A bowl of Romulan. (Courtesy Romulan Genetics)
Develop a bowl of Romulan this season. (Courtesy Romulan Genetics)

And that, people, represents a fats slice of what’s happening on the market within the hashish seed world in 2021. It’s actually mind-boggling.

“There are such a lot of superb new strains popping out on a regular basis it’s exhausting to maintain up with,” mentioned Conner Pollock, Wave Rider Nursery gross sales supervisor.

This epochal explosion in hashish variety solely guarantees to speed up, mentioned Rosen. “It’s probably the most thrilling time to be in hashish. Much more so a day from now, and per week from now—it simply will get increasingly thrilling,” he mentioned.

Vanilla Cream Pie up close. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)
2021’s Vanilla Cream Pie up shut. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Firm)

What would you develop this yr? Let the Leafly neighborhood know within the feedback beneath!

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