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Window Tinting San Diego

Oct 27

The reason you should consider auto-window tinting in San Diego

Window tinting in San Diego follows the California window tint law standards. In the state, these laws apply to your car's front windshield and front side windows. It is possible to apply a non-reflective tint for the top of your windshield's 4 inches. The side windows could have up to 70% VLT (visible Light Transmission) or tint dark in the event that they are coupled with factory-tinted windows.

Tinted windows aren't only legally required to meet the laws governing window tints in your state, but they can also be stylish. Tinting auto glass provides an elegant look and more relaxing driving. These are some of the things to think about when selecting window tints for your vehicle.

More Privacy

You can shield the valuables you keep in your vehicle's trunk from being scrutinized by prying eyes. Window tints can allow you to be sure that strangers aren't aware of what you leave on your car's dashboard, or if you store any electronic devices or shopping bags in the back seat of your vehicle. Contact a company that offers auto window tinting in San Diego to protect your vehicle's privacy when leaving your vehicle unattended.

Glare Protection

Tinting windshields and windows help you avoid damaging sun reflections. Driving in the bright sun is a challenge due to glares. This can increase the risk of getting into an accident. Furthermore, direct sunlight can cause eye damage and premature skin aging. Tinting your windows can stop 100 percent of UV rays that enter your car. Consider tinting your windows to ensure your safety.

Heat Protection

Following the protection against sunlight glares, tinted glasses can help keep your car's interior cooler in hot temperatures than windows with no tints. The tinted window keeps the heat from damaging the car seat, dashboard, and steering wheel, so you can maintain a comfortable drive under California temperatures. Also, you can shield your upholstery from damage that is not preventable. The leather upholstery may deteriorate faster in direct San Diego heat, leading to expensive replacements for wear and wear and tear. Stay cool by using the appropriate window tinting in San Diego.

Stronger Glass

Tinting auto glass improves its strength, meaning it is less likely to break than normal windows that are not tinted. Besides the safety benefit of reducing the chance of glass fragments flying into your face in the event of an accident, strong glass saves money from repairs and insurance. Window tints can ensure that your glass windows are safe.


Auto window tinting in San Diego is beneficial for anyone who owns a vehicle. Tinted windows assist you in complying with the laws of California regarding window tints. They also safeguard your vehicle from damage. A window tint provides greater privacy and protection.

Window tints are great at keeping thieves away from finding things of value you might keep in your vehicle. To protect yourself, tints assist in regulating heat and glare which can distract you when driving and cause damage to your car's upholstery.

Window tint can be a great investment that will keep you in tune with the San Diego climate and keep your vehicle comfortable. Consider getting in touch with window tinting specialists in San Diego to apply this feature to your vehicle. Get in touch with AMB Auto Glass and Window Tint to schedule an appointment today.



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